Example of what your QR Code will look like

example QR code

You will receive an email upon completion of your purchase which will have a PDF document attached that will contain your personal one time QR Code.

The QR Code above is just an example.

What is a QR Code?

QR Code is a type of barcode for digital products.

How will I get my Ticket or Membership

When you complete your purchase you will receive an email with a PDF document attached. The PDF will contain your QR Code which is your receipt and proof of purchase. 

How do I use my QR Code - "Your Ticket or Membership"

When you arrive at Legacy Speedway, present the QR Code to the Ticketing Agent by opening up the PDF on your phone.  

The Ticketing Agent will scan the QR Code to validate your receipt.

Can someone else use my QR Code to get in?

NO! The QR Code can only be scanned one time and then it deactivates. We can see how many scans were attempted on your QR Code.

Refund and Return Policy

QR Code Tickets are not refundable if they have be scanned at the gate after being presented to the ticketing agent by someone other then the original purchaser. They are not refundable if someone is trying to use a friends or acquaintance QR Code ticket to enter the event for free. We can see how many times the QR Code has been scanned or attempted to be scanned and QR Code tickets will expire after the QR Code has been scanned one/once. Do not scan your QR Code to see if it works since this will terminate that ticket and show as already used. We will not offer a refund on any of the above situations and all refunds are handled on a case by case bases for research.